If you’re an online business, instead of paying for an ad, like a banner, you pay for the result – the sale. This is called affiliate marketing. Build your own affiliate program and boost your sales, leads and web site traffic by promoting and building your own large ‘pay for performance’ sales team. This sales team will widely promote your web sites products and services. Affiliate marketing and affiliate networks are very effective web site promotion strategies. They significantly boost sales results and web site traffic.

Affiliate Marketing is a referral-based marketing strategy (also called “revenue sharing”), in which Merchants pay Affiliates commissions for referring business to the Merchant’s web site. Merchants do not pay for advertising with their Affiliates until a sale occurs. They only pay a small commission to referring Affiliates for resulting sales. Since the referring web site has a direct incentive to send customers to the merchant, they tend to market their Merchant’s products or services more aggressively. In fact, affiliates are becoming well known & well respected for their effective marketing ability.

You can create your own affiliate network and be in total control of your affiliate relationships or participate in affiliate networks. This is a marketing tool you should consider.

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